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Who Wants To Live Forever?

There are songs you know. And songs you do not.

There have been inspirational people you or I have never met. Some of these people, are the ones whom speak through their art.

As a lover of music. Yet one who is incapable of making or performing this medium.

I feel strongly that feelings, struggles and fears are all expressed though music.

Creating a medium that is rich with Pathos. IF you would take the time to listen.

Many would know the band “Queen”. There are more avid fans of their music than I.

While they have made great music that I will listen to form time to time.

Only one song in particular has me enthralled in the perusal of its larger symbolic and metaphorical meaning.

Outside of a semantic frame of observation.

The title of the song comes in the form of a question

The question : Who wants to live forever?




This is not the human pursuit of immortality – or some variation of this.

It is not about belittling the gift that is life.

It is more about the moment.. when you come face to face with your or mortality and realise.

You cannot escape it. You cannot hide.

All you can do is rage and fight, so you do not go gentle in to that good night.

And while I am no Dylan Thomas – the author from which the above was paraphrased.

I do feel, a more profound sentiment I have yet to read in poetic form.

I believe this song, is an expression of the emotion you feel when all your best efforts have failed.

Instead of becoming inundated with despair.

You rebel at your circumstances. You rebel with a rhetorical outburst.

“Who wants to do ‘X’ anyway”

I have no particular reasoning behind my post. It is not for humour.

Today I do not write in jest.

Today, I am sharing my less cynical internal musings

If you have ever seen someone you love fight for the chance to live.

Then you would have understood the pathos this song evokes.