Month: August 2016

I’m just herefore, Music

Music discovery is always something that I struggle with.  Finding new and interesting artists is always a challenge.

Ever so often, I have serendipitous encounters with music that immediately grabs my attention; today it is the band: Parcels – on Google Play Music.

I have never seen this band before, and I am hoping they will have an EP I can purchase soon; aside from the Herefore Remix EP linked above.

However, in the interim you may check their soundcloud:




Metroid: Project AM2R



Nintendo has not made a Metroid game in years -not counting the infamous federation force.

However, it does appear they have given their blessings order that the free fan remake of Metroid that is now free to play, be taken down.

Edit: It was fun while it lasted.

I am a huge Metroid fan, so I thought I would share.

Download at: Project AM2R