Month: June 2016

Do Better

We lose each other on days when the sun has not shined for a while.

It is in that darkness that we grow and are able to weather the light.

You and I have not spoken, we have not shared in some time.

Welcome back to my world and the dark little corner of my mind where sits my desires to express.

Expressions of nascent ideas, or perhaps ideas not fully realised and as such unfulfilled.


Bonjour mon amies, êtes-vous là?

Sinon, j’ai besoin que tu viens avec moi!


Do Better

Viscerally coerced into your world,
reluctantly poised on the edge
flowing intermittently through fractured consciousness.
Grasping at the engines of lost inspiration.
Seeking to clothe new ideas in old tropes
Yet, falling, flailing silent and quick
Envying the agency of the last drop of blood form a cracked lip.
Following those that came before
Yet seeking distinction in a world already saturated.
Stained red with ambition.