Month: June 2015

5 O’ Clock Transit Zombies

The voracious crush of bodies.  Like a mad rush by starving zombies . A numbing mindlessness in their gaze,  as they charge towards the light. With stoic stares and silent closed mouth shrieks. They  make a incongruous  dash to rip you to shreds,  or merely to board this 5 O’Clock train.

It is hard to tell –  they all look the same.

As I stare into the gaping maw as  the door glides open, I am blinded by a light: A safe haven. Suddenly I can  feel the frenzy building at my back. I hesitate to head towards the salvation it offers. I can feel the urge of the masses  ready to charge  in a mad cavalcade.

Eventually  I move forward only to end up in a small tight space;  rubbing elbows with patrons with whom your eyes will never meet. I am overwhelmed by the Musk of eight-hour perspiration, cheap perfume, even cheaper cologne  and halitosis mixed with the sickly sweet scent of various  shades of  Edu De Pepé Le Pew.

In short, it was a journey of olfactory molestation, too horrific to portray.  Or, at least, that is what my sinuses informed me.

When egress is finally  achieved from my personal Zombie Apocalypse – I felt like Brave heart.
Bellowing a deep and soulful: FREEDOOOMM!!