Classical Motion

I’ve been intrigued by writing. Perhaps, it is better to say I’ve been intrigued by great writers who inspire me to want to create something memorable.

To that end, I am currently reading  Finding Your  Writer’s Voice. A Guide to Creative Fiction. by Thaisa Frank & Dorothy Wall.

They suggest free writing: writing whatever comes to mind. Writing for a past or current experience.

To clear my head, I was – and still am at this very moment – Listening to

this is the result of my efforts – I thought I would share.

taking steps to waltz to Rachmaninoff, tentative motion flowed into explosive elegance.

Like a path in a garden littered with detritus of musical instruments. Flowers in bloom of multiple colours: Burnt Orange, Dusky Purple so intense it’s almost black – or black so deep it is almost purple, Electric Blues  and Yellows but no green in sight.

It’s a garden where one gets lost.

In getting lost, the crescendo builds. Each step a punctuation of piano keys, each breath a note that signals symmetry, of creation of motion. As the fingers running across they keys  slows. So does the garden Runner.  Chest heaving, palms sweating, heart beating.

The dance has ended.There is no partner.

It is a dance by oneself. Alone. There is no sun. The garden is sheltered from all, sheltered from reality.  It is  a garden of the mind.


One thought on “Classical Motion

  1. There are plenty of naked standards that aren’t marketed to girls in that range. HarleyD will merely compete in a market that is already growing. This is more of a reactive move than a proactive mateit-srunnkng epiphany. I hope they do it right and give people something interesting enough to warrant decent attention.

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