Month: December 2013

Sensually Yours (R).

As a lover of music – though I am not a musician – I do find that as an avid listener there are some “finer” points to this Genre on which I can offer insight.

There is no doubt within my mind that music is art. There is , however, some difficulty in categorising the artistry of some musical contexts.

As we get more creative, and include technology into creating our art; music has become a Genre that is simultaneously visual, auditory and sensuous. Curiously, there exists a fine line between sensuous… and sensual art.

For sake of mutual exploration and understanding let us look at :

Timothy Bloom feat ‘V’ – Til The End Of Time.

Visually, this is very simple, it operates on the premise that ‘less is more’. It takes a decidedly sensual topic – the body – and tastefully presents in for perusal.

The use of shades and tones also gives it a sense of maturity. Attractive, but not gaudy, sensuous, but not erotic. Though I cannot speak for the lyrics.

Conversely, and for comparison we have:

The Flaming lips feat Erykah Badu – The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face.

To say the least, the music is clearly like a brand of exotic Wine; that one needs an acquired taste to appreciate and, or enjoy. Something I have grown to like after a few listening sessions.

Visually this video stands in stark contrast – pun? – to the first video; the subject of which is also the body.
There are  copious amounts of colour present, presented in what I consider to be gaudy visual range; sensual more so that it is sensuous.

Certainly , arguments can be made for its meanderings down the path of eroticism.
The subject of the video is oft covered in liquids of various hues. Visually, these hues represent a sort of metonymical representation for biological functions and corresponds with the four Humours.

The foremost of which is Blood.

Interestingly, at the end of the video the subject is covered in a Phlegm like substance – another of the four humours. It is white and like Phlegm very viscous.
Owning to its erotic nature, I could not help but like it to another biological substance that is also white – or off white – and viscous.

The presentation of which – she is covered in it – coupled with the fact that she – the subject – is sensually ingesting said substance. It draws shocking parallels to the “conclusion” of every… “Graphic” video that one has ever seen.

I might even go as far as to say the Ocean is a beautiful place, however, there comes a time when there are too much Sea men wading its shores.

PS. That is as far as I draw that pun into the light of day, without the risk of being to risqué.