Month: October 2013

Sometimes you have to League it alone.


Lately, it seems, whenever anyone has made some progress in the League of Legends ranked system – by “anyone” I mean those in the three first league Bronze, Silver and Gold.
They always happen to have some ‘Sage’ advice to offer.

In the vein of :

“If you are good enough, you can always carry your team to Victory”

“Ignore those who troll just concentrate on improving your mechanics”

“It’s never your team.. it’s you. You just aren’t good enough”

Well, clearly their League experience differ from mine own. Because my League experience, is unequivocally a TEAM experience.
Let us Debunk some of these myths.


No matter how good you are you can never carry a team with four other players who are

A: Way below your level of mechanics.
B: Troll so hard you lose the ability to rage. Because you become numb from the sheer stupidity.
C: Who Cannot follow simple instructions.

Let’s elucidate.

If you are a good League player and possess good mechanical skill and twitch reflexes. You can carry your game to a degree. This will fall off if the rest of your team is lacking enough skill to not waste the advantages you have given them.

By doing things like dying too often, thus negating the advantages by feeding the enemy team.
Lacking the ability to know which items to get and lacking a clear build path. To give you an example.
Say you are carrying and getting your team ahead in gold. But the Olaf top decides to rush a Phantom Dancer first ? What just happened? It is now a 4v5 because he will be totally useless when the team fight starts.

If you have players who are only on the team to grief carrying that team becomes exponentially more strenuous.
Trolling does more than deny your team of a competent fifth player. Chances are he WILL be feeding the enemy team, but most important of all, he would have utterly destroyed the moral of your team. The mental state of the players on your team is important.

Therefore, when ahead it is easier to stay ahead; because you are more relaxed and calm. Not only does this make your responses better but not having a massive rage headache allows you to make decisions that are better thought out: Like not rushing baron 1v5 while the other 4 members of your team are dead.
I am not just here to say what cannot work. Let us look at some of the things that will.

As I mentioned moral before the first thing you should do is secure your team moral from Champion select.
To do this it is very simple.

Never expect to play the role you want to play, but expect to play the role no one else wants to play. The risk of getting a player who will troll because he did not get his pick is very high, and as you cannot expect anyone else to care about team moral. You must make that your priority.
It is better having a sub optimal player in a role where he has good moral. Than a good player in a role where he has bad moral as he is more likely to not do his best form the feeling of being “cheated” from his intended role.

Learn when to Dodge.

This might sound contradictory, as it might sounds like promoting troll behaviour. However, if you are competent you can identify when a team composition will not work against the enemy team’s team comp. Therefore, you have to make the executive decision to either dodge and lose 5 League points. Or Play and lose 20 League point, then proceed to go into a massive 20 game losing streak where you find your self at the bottom of your respective division – assuming you were not at the bottom to begin with.

PS. Unless you are in the upper 5 percentile of players , you will always have room to improve and you NEED you team to win. You need them to show up to team fights when asked. You need them to all push a lane when asked. And most importantly you need them to not attack the tank while the ADC stays and kills you all one by one.