Dance to your own Music.

I am curiously intrigued by the general outcry against a young Caucasian performer based on negative perception of oscillating hip movements.

In an industry that lives by the mantra: ‘Sex Sells’. I find it disingenuous that one female – among so many – can garner so much rancor.

With a plethora of women whose performances generally include motions – that were Darwin to see them. He

would think that Homo sapiens has now regressed to the point where we use motions to indicate periods of fertility and willingness to mate.

If you are against something because of moral implications due to its pedagogic nature on an increasingly tractable generation of youngsters. Then, the censure should be directed at all; not attenuated.

If the ‘phenomena’ of twerking is so objectionable. It should not be celebrated for some and a deprecating for a select few.

The idea that psychical attributes – or lack thereof – grants or revokes assent. Is not adding anything meaningful to “debate”.

The outcry only demonstrates how the grass of social media attracts many Sheep. Sheep without a competent Sheppard.

For those who genuinely think the risqué imagery that female performers portray is harmful to the perception of women in society. Kudos to you. I can and will respect that viewpoint.

However, for everyone else: I lack the words necessary to convey any opinion that would sway you to offer critique and not criticism.

In an age where everyone is getting fake boobs, @$$ implants and labia reductions etc. I salute any woman who is proud of her body it its natural state.

Therefore, if the imagery she projects is a Faux Pas; she is just a cacophonous entity amongst all the noise. The dissonance is then, not that hard to bear.


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