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First person shooters or what is now most commonly know as FPS.

Is a Genre of game that is –  as its name suggests – a first person game where you shoot people. Oh…the joy!

Clearly, a game genre that gets the synapses firing.

FPS games are never single player friendly. While there is a single player narrative – and I use this term loosely.

FPS games are generally all about its Multi-player component.

Therefore, If you do not wish to go online and play there is not much depth or reason in playing a FPS.

FPS also have a steep and unforgiving learning curve. This is so, simply because you will be up against people

who do nothing but play whichever specific FPS you are currently interested in.

Which means logging on and dying, re-spawning ( aka coming back to “life”) and dying again. Basically, you

will be experiencing a simulacrum of the cycle of life: Death and rebirth. With about as much fun as it would be

to actually be violently killed resurrected and be sadistically murdered once more.

While the one who killed stands over your cadaverous coil gloating at his accomplishments.

Essentially, FPS is an exercise in masochism, for those who do not play it professionally or as their main source of gaming.

My conclusion:

Lets take the Darwinian approach.

If men were indeed evolved from apes. Then playing a FPS is the equivalent of evolutionary regression.

That is, if said evolutionary process does not have ‘Counterstrike’ and or ‘Half-life’ in its name.

The way to counter-act this?

Play Role playing games; most commonly known as RPG.

A game genre in which success or failure depends on your level perception, attention to detail and the ability to
think critically.

This is a genre in which you have to weigh the moral and ethical implications of your actions to gain a desired outcome.

Playing an RPG is a lot like writing an Essay.

  • You will have to listen intently to find out the aim and direction you need to go in (Lectures)
  • You will then need to do some investigative reading (Going to the Library)
  • Then analysing and using the information gathered to make progress (The act of writing said Essay)

While we all don’t like writing essays, we all love getting good marks.

This is all for now ladies and gents.

If you are wondering what I am saying about people who only play FPS games -with only being the operative

Then: Play less FPS’

If you are still in the dark, lets evaluate this in terms of musical talent.

FPS = Souja Boy.

RPG = 2Pac



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