Moon Touched

J. J. Abrams. A name that has now solidified itself within my consciousness as a man with a vision. I cannot tell you what that vision is; however, I know he has one.
He has done what many directors have failed to do with sequels of late – except for The Dark Knight . Create a film that is far and away better than its predecessor.

Star Trek into Darkness is a product of a man with a vision, talent and great respect for great source material.
I am not a movie critic. I cannot begin to presume to be able to accurately and effectively critique the subtle nuances of a film. I am no Roger Ebert.
I can, however, with limited scope and boundless fervor; write a minor ode for a work of art that was obviously a labour of love.

Star Trek into Darkness.

A film that I had no great expectations for. In an age where capital gain over shadows artistic expressions. Star Trek into Darkness has given me renewed faith that a director can respect his source material. That he can get actors who mirror his respect and whom are talented enough to portray the emotions, the passion and the depth of feelings so vividly and viscerally.
That Jaded Though I am, It invoked in me pathos.

It is my empathetic reaction to this film that serves as the first highlight and one of the many achievements for this second iteration of a beloved franchise.
J. J. Abrams has managed to create a film where:

The characters are very well-rounded. They have a history, a past and a future. That shapes who they are, who the have been and who they will be.

There are not many moments in a film where two male characters can share a poignant moment. inundated  with mutual respect and camaraderie. Separated by the proverbial divide as they convey these feelings. With an hand outstretched; palm resting on the harsh and cold barrier of reality. They stare face to face with the rider and his pale horse.

“When death immortal rides his pale horse into the night…
[A] [young] man sits mourning, his head against a marble stone
The glint of steel in his hand, what thoughts are in his head?
An old owl sits on a cold tomb, and watches in silence, alone
Through the tears you feel his pain, will morning find him dead?”
Jackson, Bob. “The Pale Horse.” Poetry Lovers Page. Poetry Group, n.d. Web. 25 May 2013.


The film is impressive and futuristic. While at the same time maintaining an atmosphere that hints at the possible progress of contemporary society. Such that suspending one’s disbelief is effortless. Which creates a high level of immersion.
Another shock, and a definite Kudos for J. J. Abrams. The man actually put 3D into a 3D film.
Before Star Trek into Darkness. 3D occupied the same space in my mind as sightings of the Lock Ness Monster: Mythical.


A name that is undoubtedly and irrevocably linked with a man of drive, passion, charisma and a singularity of focus to achieve great things.
Benedict Cumberbatch brought a screen presence that lives up to and does justice to his eponym.
With a rich and evenly modulated cadence. Benedict wove the character of khan with needles of ivory and threads of harmonious symphonies. Such that he is perpetually cloaked in an aura of power, authority and violence.

Does a voice make the man? Or doth a man the voice make?
When Khan speaks, it is like listening to a live, posthumous performance of Luciano Pavarotti’s Caruso.
Needless to say, the man had an epic voice.

These might seem like trivial things. Indeed, they might be. However, I did not want to spoil the film. Nor did I want to do a “traditional review.”
What I hope I have conveyed. Is just how well rounded and entertaining a film J. J. Abrams has created.
As I said before. I am not a film critic. So those with the scholastic aptitude to do so. Are free to disagree.
But I loved this film.

In the end. It was the only time the Theatre audience did not applaud.
Significantly. It was the only time I was disappointed that they did not do so.

If J. J. Abrams has not interested you as a director with film.
The man has been signed on to direct both Portal and Half-Life. (Source IMDB)
Forgive me if I hyperventilate at the thought of what Glados will manipulate him into doing.
With Star Trek into Darkness. I am loathe to think that the cake is anything but the truth.


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