Just Because.

Somewhere along the line of starting this blog. I forgot my motivations for doing so. Which was to share my views. Unique, or not.

I have always wished it was possible to share a feeling with someone. Like the feeling of seeing your mother smile because you made her proud.
Incidentally, I write a lot of things. I have gotten into the habit of recording random thoughts that have some significance for me. Based on the mental state I was in when said thought or thoughts occurred.

Generally, the serve no purpose. Sometimes I like what I have written. Sometimes I do not.

This is the most current random thought I have written down while writing at 4am.

Title: …….

I break out in a cold sweat. As you lightly run your fingers down my spine.
My arm: It trembles, shivers and shakes
Tiny bumps populate my skin. Like a suddenly cool breeze on the nape of the neck.
My heart: It beats in time to your rhythm.
Each pulse following your lead. Dancing to your tone.
My strength fails me. My body is no longer in sync.

In your presence, My motor functions decreases, my speech patterns decline.
For the brief time you exist. You are the centre of my world.
I want you to remain. But I want you, to want to stay here.
My breath: It comes in short gasps. It is hard to breathe.
My every focus is in absorbing the waves that your produce.
Everything else is just white noise.

Insignificant, intolerable.

My ears: A starved flower. They strain to bask in your light
A light that suffuses this brittle coil; that fuels these creations.

My feet: I am stuck here. Unable to go forward. Unable to return.
But to get to you. I would become Hermes.

As your light inevitably fades.
You open your arms and beckon to me
I cannot resist
I cannot be sated

I would explain what all that was about. However, then it would cease to be random. And I would have to describe it as something more than just random thoughts.
Or just expressions of idle energy. In the end. I suppose we all worry about labels.

Ps. For those who are intimidated by  the great wall of text. Rejoice.


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