Our Love is Final..not Fantasy

Aeris and Cloud

These days, people have a lot of complain about when it comes to game studios.
I assume most sane people like variety in their game play. Don’t get me wrong, when I say sane …please be advised I use this term loosely. After all, where every sanity reigns, I am not likely to be a subject.

I would like to think I am perceptive. I feel I have a preternatural insight into how others behaving based on personal association or observation.

Which is Ironic when you think about it. Because I am grossly socially inept.
To continue my previous train of thought. I think sane people like to spend money wisely. Wisely as in: not buying a high tech version of the same product every year. Some studios seem to make this their Modus Operandi

As Shocking as this may be, I do pride myself on being a model of social etiquette. Yes… I said that with a straight face.
As such, I refuse to call names. However, it has something to do with Active sight, contemporary duty and Warfare.

A lot of persons complain about the game studio I mentioned previously. But I shan’t say whether or not they deserve clemency. After all..no one forces them to purchase anything.

On the other hand I. Yes, I. As in: ‘me’. I have more pressing things to complain about. Something that has more emotional weight.
I would like to acknowledge and tender my complaint of how Square Enix may or may not have traumatised me.

Here goes:

While browsing some music. I suddenly remembered this brilliant piece of music I heard from a game ages ago.
….For all you jaded souls. No this is not another post about music. Relax.

The music title: Final Fantasy VII Prelude.

While listening to this score. I suddenly remembered how cruel and unjust Square Enix was.
What did they do to me?

If you have never played Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) this might bear no significance for you.
However, it was one of my favourite games. Brilliant for its time.

Square enix created a sequence in FFVII where….where they killed someone.
I know, I know its a game. It isn’t real. People die in games.

The reality is, FFVII had a truly engaging story. With great characterisation. Characters had relationships, those who did not, developed them over the course of the game. With many beatrayls and acts of redemption along the path.
And a lot of women riding big yellow chickens. …Wait that didn’t sound right.

The rationalisation: Hey! Transportation in a open world sandbox game! You take it however you can get it.

Ahem..maybe it’s just me… but I swear the previous two sentences have a weird tone

The crux of my complain is this: Square Enix killed Aeris.

Ares was the love interest of the protagonist of FFVII. The creators of the game built up the relationship between Cloud – the hero – and Aeris. They waited for the moment when they relationship would have been realised. The moment after you have created connection to these characters.

They waited ..and then made the villain run a 10 foot long Japanese Katana through her abdomen. And Left her bleeding and dying in Clouds arms.
Now if that isn’t traumatic. Then my sanity – or lack thereof- is worse than I thought.

To make this worse. Cloud is an amnesiac clone of the villain. The man who violently murders Aeris: Sephiroth.
So in a sadistic and weird way. Cloud is the one that killed the woman he loved.
In the same way killing your clone would be considered suicide.

You can watch the video of the scene here.

If you watched that. Listened to the brilliant and tone setting score. And do not consider it tragic. Then you have no soul.

“Cloud: What is this pain? My fingers are tingling! My mouth is dry! My eyes are burning.”

The above are the words Cloud utters when the reality of Aeris’ death sets in.

As you can see Square Enix has traumatised me by allowing Aeris to die.

And if it bothers you that I can connect to a character that isn’t real. Please do understand I am actively able to suspend my disbelief.
Just so you understand what I mean. Suspension of disbelief: ” a willingness to suspend one’s critical faculties and believe the unbelievable; sacrifice of realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment”

What characters have you connected to of late in your play experiences?
And if you do not play games. Which novels have characters with which you have made a connection. Such that turning that last page, is like losing a good friend?

PS. Final Fantasy VII had some of the best music I have ever heard in my life! Whoever the composer or composers are. Kudos to you!

And Before I forget. Square Enix, you have got to remake this game!!


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