When customer services ceases to matter…box

I wanted to start this post with the denotative meaning of the term customer service. However, I soon realised that had I done so, I would be bogged down in a mire of semantic explanations. This is mainly due to the fact that, Customer service and Customer service with a superlative modifier are not the same thing.

To be succinct: I believe customer service is providing support for your customers in relation to a product that they purchased from you. Good customer service is when you tailor your support and product in such a way to increase customer satisfaction on a large-scale, while simultaneously not padding your costs for services that should have been free with one purchase.

The new console cycle is upon us. Nintendo – like they have done since the N64 – have once again gimped themselves. For the sake of brevity, I will not go further than to say: They have once again released a console that while “innovative” seems to once again be lacking in graphical fidelity ( power) and unique experiences: A unit tailored for the casual gamer. (opinion)

Sony, unlike their last foray into the new console era, seems to have gone back to their PS2 roots: Really great and unique gaming experiences that are only accessible on their console. As well as striving to make a gamer dedicated console that is also at a good price. As opposed to their $600 (Six Hundred) base price for the PS3 last console cycle.

On the other hand Microsoft/ MS/ (XBOX) has done a complete 360. Herein lies my emotional dissonance. Like they have done with windows 8, Hotmail and Skype. MS has been forcing their customers to adopt unwelcome changes. They are free to do this of course, it IS there services. I can just choose not to use or buy them. However, MS has gone stir crazy with this “connectivity” trend. I do not wish to merge my MSN and Skype contacts and I do not wish to use Outlook over Hotmail. And now, the Créme de la créme if you were to purchase the new Xbox, whatever its name is Durango or Xbox 720. You will have to be always online.

I do not know about any of you. But I like to be in control of my gaming experiences. The new Xbox will pause/stop whatever game or app you have running currently should you be disconnected from the internet for three (3) minutes.

Lets look at this logically. If you want to play single player games and be offline, you will not be able to do so. If you want to be able to play any games if you do not have, cannot afford, or do not have current access to the internet. that $200-300 piece of GAMING technology you bought to play games; now becomes an expensive and large paper weight.

Think about it? You buy a Disk or Digital software that gives access to said game, you also have to purchase said console to access the data. Only to be thwarted by the fact that you do not wish to connect to internet. You have no CHOICE. No internet? No gaming on the new Xbox. Touché Microsoft, touché.

What is worse, MS is saying: If you don’t like it. Suck it up and deal with it. That is not good customer service.
Here is the post made about said topic on IGN.com in response to a twitter response from a MS rep: Ign.com

If you do not wish to go to IGN  then here are some images.

twitter post


Source: IGN


Well Ladies and Gents. Microsoft clearly has the customers interest at heart. I  understand it’s a business, I understand it’s about money,  I also understand it’s their product/ device and – as such – they can do whatever they please. However, I do not support companies with bad customer service. Nor do I support companies that seek to take away my choices or control how or when I use something I bought from them.

I certainly won’t be getting a Xbox or whatever they choose to call it this time: Netbox? TvBox? Connectivitybox? Alway online suck it up and deal with it box? You decide


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