If music was a drug, I would be addicted!


Melanie, Melanie Fiona  If she was a siren, I would gladly let her dulcet tones seduce me. I would yield to the melodious cadence of her voice, as it lulls me to a swift and violent end. Then again, if she WAS a siren; I wouldn’t have a choice. But that isn’t the point. The point is, ladies and gentlemen, this woman can sing!

I say this genuinely and not because I love Trinidadian women…but you wouldn’t know that. Oh..umm, well you do now. But so what? It still stands!

All the songs from her that I enjoy, are like a poetic soliloquy: to all the failed relationships I never had, and the emotional baggage that they personify.

If you had asked me to vocalise said soliloquy, it would go something like this: This time, 4am, I just keep running; I end up on The wrong side of a love song and It Kills Me.

Even the names of her songs rolls of the tongue like a desperate plea to your lost love. Like a text message made in the night when the memories of what used to be, overwhelms what is.
listening to her music, I can imagine my self being in a confessional – no insult meant to Catholicism – as a disembodied voice whispers in my ear; and tells me of the pain she is going through.

It is this aspect of her music and performance, why I think she is so good. When you listen to her songs, when you hear her voice. All you hear is passion, and you know – without the shadow of a doubt – she is singing form the heart.

Why is this important? Well Frank Ocean said it best: “I can’t feel nothin…every single record autotunin’, Zero emotion, muted emotion, pitch corrected, computed emotion”

If I must buy music, I want it to be authentic. I want the artist to actually be able to sing outside of studio adjustments. I want the same emotional weight from the single/track to be present in the live performances. There are a lot of musicians, that when you hear them live, you wonder if they are the same person that sang the song that resonated with you so profoundly.

All I can say is: When it comes to music, “Give it to me right or don’t give to me at all-” or “I’m gone and never coming back.”

By now, you would have noticed the copious amounts of Melanie Fiona song references. If you did not, then you may read it over; they are fairly obvious. It is a clichéd technique to be sure. However, like the refrain from a poem it has a desired effect.

Melanie makes music fueled by her experiences; or at least I would like to think this is true.
For me, she creates and performs soul music. Music that speaks to you, that you can relate to or empathise with. And for those of you who create and use music as your muse, well she inspires me too. So much so, I will write a small ‘poem’ to express how good I find her music.

Ahem, here goes:

When I listen to her sing
My heart beats a mile,
And sends shivers up my spine
I stop
open my eyes
And smile
I think: Divine.
Good music!

And for those of you who are into pop-culture references. No I did not mean Kanye’s label.

Next time you have a few minutes, listen to Melanie Fiona. Try something old school and burn a CD for your girl or guy. Expressing your undying devotion. Or just enjoy the music because its good. Assuming that isn’t too mainstream.

Who are some of your favourite Musicians? And what do you listen that is cathartic? Let me know, I’m always open to new musical experiences.

Oh, before I forget. Should you want to check her out. Go: Here


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