Anime Women that just won’t leave well enough alone

I love Japanese style Anime and Manga. They often have some of the most over the top and awesome action sequences. Compelling characters, with whom you may or may not, identify with. A Cool protagonist that you, perhaps, want to dress up as when you go to your next Cos-play event or for Halloween. If I sat here and cataloged all the things I liked; we could be here awhile.  However, I am going to speak on a topic, that honestly, is so annoying and frustrating to me. That, at this point in life, I refuse to read Manga or Watch Anime that it exists in. Regardless of the quality of said work.

I will term this: The annoying female character that is overly presumptuous with her presence and affection. (This character may be male as well, but it is mostly occupied by the female.)
To clarify, whenever you watch an Anime or read a Manga, sometimes you will come across a female companion to the main protagonist. I am not sure what purpose they serve, but I assume she is there for comic relief, to create interest – in the downtime between the over the top ass whopping that our Hero dishes – out or simply as a love interest. The problem is, most often than not they are not funny. In fact, most times they are so annoying, I feel like grabbing a unusually large mirror and slamming my head into it repeatedly to erase her presence from my mind.

Don’t get my wrong. I am not a misogynist, nor am I sexist. I do love Strong Anime/Manga female characters. Ala: Battle Angle Alita, The heroes of Bubble Gum Crisis, The Heroine from Princess Mononoke; just to name a few. However, the annoying ones really do get on my nerves. Like nails scratching on a Chalk/Black board excruciatingly slow, in a very quiet room.

Let me give you some concrete examples: I do not think there is anyone alive, that has never watched, seen or heard of Dragon Ball-Z (DBZ). So I will use this Anime as my first example. Having mentioned DBZ, we all know who the main hero is. But for those of you who do not – and I really don’t see how this might be possible- but his name is Goku or Son Goku. Which ever you prefer. Goku has a wife called Chichi, that is the most loud and obnoxious spouse a man could have. They have a son called Gohan, which means meal in Japanese, and seeing how his dad loves to eat; I am not surprised at this. Gohan had the potential to be even stronger than his father.


That is, Until Chichi decided that he should prioritise school over WORLD and UNIVERSAL CATACLYSMIC events; that come in the form of bad guys. This is annoying, simple due to the fact that most ,if not all, villains can just look at a planet wrong. And it blows up in spectacularly over the top pyrotechnic animations. However, Chichi – in her infinite wisdom, thinks going to school is more important; than making sure the planet still Exist so Gohan can even be ALIVE to attend school. She asserts her will on Goku and Gohan in an exuberantly vociferous manner. With a voice so highly pitched, my ear drums shatter each time I have to hear her speak. I am not at all sure, if they thought this would be amusing to the readers/viewers. However, all I got whenever she got screen time; was a large palm to the face. Such that, I am surprised my face isn’t permanently deformed with a hand-print as my most memorable feature.


My second example, will be Kagome form Inuyasha.

The titular character Inuyasha, is a half demon. A Dog demon to be exact. Yes, a demon. Some of the most bad assed evil guys you could meet in an anime; or anywhere for that matter. Or, that’s what I thought too. Except Kagome has Inuyasha neutered and leashed trained. In essence, Inuyasha is her B–tch, pardon my French.


Kagome is the reincarnation of Iniyasha’s crush; and almost, but not quite, girl friend a Priestess: Kikyou. Kikyou, a composed, calm, accomplished and competent Miko/Priestess. One would think that her reincarnation would have some (if not all) of those traits. You would think; but you would be wrong. Kagome is clumsy, annoying and guilty of false advertising. Because, I swear she was a blond who dyed her her black. The caveat: Inuyasha has a talismen around his neck that- if he was Superman- it would be his kryptonite. With the major exception that Kagome, and or, Kikyou are the only ones who can activate it (on account of Kikyou creating it to subdue Inuyasha in the first place) with the word “SIT”. How is this a problem? Well on account of being annoying, loud and overtly gregarious . Whenever Kagome gets annoyed at our hero. She repeats the word sit in rapid succession; which results in Inuyasha falling to the earth so hard. It is like his gravity was multiplied several thousand times over.  And boy oh boy, does this girl get annoyed often. Which, considering her personality, is very ironic.


Let me paint a Hypothetical scenario. Inuyasha will be in a battle of life and death. Kagome – like usual- tags along on their quests. In the middle of a Battle for their life, limb and shards of the gem they are trying to collect. Kagome will sometimes just call out the word sit. Like she has no concept of danger, or enough sense to know, to at least wait till said battle is over before she expresses her annoyance. There are other things, that I can’t honestly remember right now. As I have been traumatised so badly, my mind blocked it off.

I know some people might find nothing wrong with the Anime/Manga mentioned. They might even be your favourite. The pillars of your childhood. As such, you may not agree with me. You might be angry – assuming my words can move you to such passions. So, here is my challenge to you. How can you prove that the characters mentioned are not indeed annoying. That you aren’t just being biased from you misplaced loyalty. They are indeed Iconic pieces of Anime History. I even liked them at one point. However, I really cannot stand annoying females or males – but that isn’t the topic here- in any Anime/Manga. That I have interest in.
So ladies, Gents. I know some of you will agree some of you wont. Ciao!!


6 thoughts on “Anime Women that just won’t leave well enough alone

  1. Hi Nick, this is Jody – NOT RICHARD- as i was told to state.

    First of all, if this is a piece you would like to post on a blog, then pending a few grammatical corrections (punctuations, spell checks, etc.) you can go ahead and post it, because a blog can be about anything no matter how stupid, biased or nonsensical another person thinks it is. It is YOUR opinion and you are entitled to it.

    As for your choice of annoying female characters………. well i can agree that there are annoying female characters i am not in total agreement with your choices………….to be frank i REEEEAAALLLY like Kagome (almost to super fan-girl-dom) and i think it sucks that she would be such a prime example.

    Chi-Chi from DBZ is annoying, from her achingly high pitched voice to her over-bearing attitude. However, i will defend her not wanting Gohan to save the world. I know what you’re thinking…. is she insane?…. but let me explain, as a caregiver (and hopefully a mother myself some day) i can sympathize with her. I think she is using school as an excuse to send her kid into a freaking war zone. Come on which mom want to send her first and only child – who is sill in grade school, into outer space to fight monsters that can blow up a freaking planet with their little finger? I don’t care how super powerful he could be but my son has school in the morning so screw the world, the galaxy and the whole f**king universe. I don’t give a rat’s ass if we are all gonna die and he could potentially save us, if we’re gonna die we’ll die together…….. i know that’s ignorant but i love my siblings and i wouldn’t send any of my little brothers…… not even my big brothers, no matter how awesome they are, therefore i would NEVER send my son.

    As for Kagome…….. really you have Kagome up there with Chi-Chi? Sakura who has studied under Tsunade – one of the most awesome female characters in Naruto, she basically only squealled and chased after Sasuke in Hurricane Chronicles, then in Shippuuden (sp.) we thought she had mad skill for the first couple episodes (eg. – episode with sasori and his iron sand) but that was very short lived. Being a Med-nin with a shitload of physical strength (more or less) you’d think she’d do a lot more in terms of battling. Akane…freaking Shampoo, form Ranma 1/2, Orihime, Coco (or whatever – i don’t care enough to search for her name, the chick that grew up with Hitsugaya) from Bleach, dammit i could go on and on……..but Kagome T-T (sad man, sad). I can agree that she has her moments of blond-ness (shrug), we’re girls we all have them, guys do too. Most notably, her moments of screaming Inuyasha or moping about Kikyou – bitch grow a pair and stop depending on the dude to save your butt, and kick that undead claypot’s ass if she trying to take your man, but for the love of God stop screaming his name 100 times per epidose.
    As for the “neutered and leashed/trained” – all good women have their men trained to a point, that’s right I said it! She is not Kikyou, so people should not compare them, hard to do since she is her reincarnation, but because they shared a soul, it does NOT mean they share personalities. Kikyou grew up in the Feudal Era where women are poised, submissive and subservient (even Sango is to a point), Kagome is a product of 20th Century – Women’s Lib. and a deteriorating Society. She is fifteen, of course she’s clumsy – i’m pretty sure you jerks don’t go through half the painfull shit we go through during puberty. “Kikyou putting it on Inuyasha in the first place”…….really?…..I’m pretty sure that was Kaede, Kikyou made it, but i doubt she can subdue him with it, since you know, she’s kinda… i dunno….dead, never mind walking around “living” on the souls of dead girls using the stolen piece she snatched from Kagome. As for her choice of subjugation word, he’s a DOG demon, come on other than ‘stay’ what else would come to mind for someone who tried to kill you (even though that is another arguable point). She’s the main character, how is she “overly presumptuous with her presence”? She does sit him often, but i can live with that, smacking on the arm or some other ordinary punishment won’t do the job – he’s a freaking demon, she may hurt herself trying to punch him in the face. He tries to stop her from going home, spews insults left and right and runs off to rendezvous with a woman trying to drag him to hell – try not sitting his ass into oblivion.
    “Let me paint a scenario, It might not be 100% accurate; but here goes. Inuyasha will be in a battle of life and death; Kagome – like usual- tags along on their quests. While in the middle of a battle for their life and shards of the gem they are looking for. Kagome will sometimes just call out the word sit.” I cannot recall a time in battle when she called out ‘sit’ when it wasn’t to save him or stop his and Kouga for fussing – over her mostly, (eg. One of the battles with Sessh where he’s transformed and she said it so he would end up dog food for his older brother [another arguable point]). You’re probably gonna say why doesn’t she just split, but it’s her destiny to be there however we look at it so it’s sad that you’ve “been traumatised so badly” your “mind blocked it off”; you obvious bias has clouded your judgement and robbed you of your appreciation for a great Feudal Fairy Tale.

    Feel free to challenge me in this Anime/Manga, i am a fangirl to the end.



    1. I really didn’t remember Sakura. But I will agree that she is one of those Anime women that is annoying. I just really prefer to read about strong women in anime. Or slightly less annoying women.


  2. For the most part i’d agree with you, there’s way too many annoying and useless characters in anime/mangas. However, limiting it only females is just sexist. Kon from bleach is annoying, Rock from Black Lagoon is also annoying. you may need to adjust your point of view on this one.


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